Rebecca Testimonial

Danielle's classes completely changed the way I approach exercise, she brings a love and dedication that is truly inspiring. I recommend her classes to anyone who wants to make exercise about connecting to your body and letting your body be the guide, rather than pushing your body into an unnatural rhythm.

Rebecca Baldwin, NSW, Australia

Further Testimonials

Since my first group session with Danielle three weeks ago I have found I'm self motivated to exercise gently every morning around 5am. I have found many benefits including a more truer relationship with me, more energy throughout the day, less tension being held within my body and any tension I may have is easily released while I exercise and connect with my gentle breath. I would recommend groupwork with Danielle to anyone that wants to truely connect with their bodies and to know more and to live more of who they truely are. Gentle exercise is the bridge to that place within.

Paul Barry, NSW

Danielle’s gentle movement and exercise sessions have been an integral part of my daily ritual for the last 3 years. They have enabled me to re-build my body’s suppleness to a point I never would have expected possible, considering all the accumulated sports and martial arts injuries from my earlier life.

Its not just the physical aspect that I have found supportive. Danielle presents a new awareness of movement that has helped to re-configure  the way I move in general, to ‘be with myself’ as I do the exercises everyday. What I particularly enjoy is the subtlety of the exercises, and how I can learn so much with such seemingly simple movements.

With pleasure I can fully recommend Danielle's  group and private sessions and often refer my clients to her.

Chris James - Singer, Musician & Voice Teacher

Exercising gentle was something I thought would never suit my liking until I started attending Danielle's individual sessions and classes. I was amazed just to feel how hard I was being with my body. Danielle has shown us how to connect with our bodies and use your body as a guide through gentle exercise and breathing, feeling where we are holding tension or hardness and releasing any tightness around the body through stretching. I was amazed at how much better I felt after just a few sessions and now have a more understanding of how my body is feeling. With Danielle's love and support i can highly recommend a visit, you wont be disappointed.

Kim, NSW, Australia

I attended Danielle’s gentle exercise workshop in November. The workshop was fun and playful and I learnt a lot about my body. Since then, I have been enjoying a playful loving relationship with my body. Exercise is no longer a stress, a strain or a chore, but a loving exploration of my body and how it moves and where it needs to strengthen, stretch and release. Stretching is no longer painful, but a gentle release of tension in my body, as I breathe. Being with myself as I exercise gently has brought me greater levels of energy, so that I am no longer tired at the end of my work day. I have a greater awareness of my body, so that I no longer hold so much tension and hardness in it. I can wholeheartedly recommend working with Danielle.

Dr Anne Malatt, Bangalow, Australia

I used to love exercise, team sports, running long distances, marathons, all the high intensity classes at the gym.  I had great fitness levels, I was a great shape, but I felt so despondent and tired. I cut back till I did very little. I had a one to one session with Danielle a couple of years after this and, very patiently, Danielle supported me as I found my way to exercise so that I worked hard but did not overwhelm my body. I could see that my body had been trying to get me to slow down or at least listen all those years so to rebuild my routine in a supportive way has taken a little time and is an ongoing process. My body feels like it has been asleep for lifetimes and feeling it come alive is inspirational.

Lucy, NSW, Australia