Photo of Danielle LovelessDanielle Pirera is the founder of Harmony In Movement.

Danielle has over 20 years experience participating in competitive and recreational team and individual sports, including athletics, swimming, basketball, soccer, triathlon and half marathon running at local, regional, state and national levels, to more alternate or extreme sports such as adventure racing, 24 hour mountain bike racing and surfing. Danielle has also been working in the sports and fitness industry for over 15 years at gyms, sports centres, swimming pools, physiotherapy practices and universities.  

Danielle has a degree in Biomedical Science, a degree in Exercise Science with Honours, a PhD in Exercise Physiology, Certificate IV in Fitness, Diploma of Remedial Massage and has at least 10 years of high level coaching and training, so she was well educated on how to train the body for 'maximum health and performance'.

With all this knowledge and over 18 years experience in sports training Danielle still found that more often than not she experienced pain or discomfort in her body, not only during exercise and sports participation, but on a daily basis. These discomforts weren't only associated with the many injuries she had sustained in the 18 years of sports (from rolled ankles, knee pain - patellar tracking problems, hip tension and pain, sciatic nerve pain, tight neck and shoulders, shoulder dislocations, deep cuts, blisters, concussion and heat exhaustion, just to name a few), but also stemming from some 'unknown' conditions. Danielle also recognised that many of her clients also experienced some sort of so called random pain or discomfort in their body on a daily basis, whether it be a tight neck and shoulders or sore lower back and hips or knees.

Around a similar time Danielle came across a number of practitioners and self growth workshops, which offered a different way of looking at the body and how we live in it. Including that maybe we need to look deeper and consider the quality of our movements on a daily basis and the quality we exercise in. Often we are constantly pushing our body at work and home, without taking the time to actually stop and feel how our body is coping and what quality are we moving in. 

After five years working as an exercise physiologist Danielle realised that there was something missing in the way she was working, watching many people push their bodies to the motto 'no pain no gain' to her was not a normal work out. She recognised if people continue to push their body's with extreme or maximal intensity, without being aware of the quality of their training that this could have a dramatic effect on their body by the age of 40, 50 or 60. She also realised that extreme or maximal intensity was not always achievable for many people.

At this time Danielle set out to develop a way of exercising that was much more honoring of what the body truly needs for the 'long run' and aware of the quality of connection and movement in each exercise. Harmony In Movement shares a way of exercising the body which is about bringing Harmony back into our body and our Movements!

Education, Qualifications and Registration
PhD in Exercise Physiology 
Bachelor of Exercise Science (Honours)
Bachelor of Biomedical Science
Certificate III & IV in Fitness
Diploma of Massage
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 
Advanced First Aid 

Accredited in Exercise Physiology (AEP)
Member of Exercise and Sports Sciences Australia (ESSA)
Member of Fitness Australia
Member of Australian Association of Massage Therapists 
Esoteric Practitioners Association Accredited
Esoteric Massage Level 3
Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy Level 2
Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 5 techniques (EPA level 2)

Danielle has over ten years experience working in the field of Exercise Physiology and Sports and Exercise Science, working from physiotherapy practices, medical centre’s, elite sports institutes and health and fitness centers. With a Phd majoring in surfing physiology and two years experience working from Surfing Australia High Performance Centre Danielle enjoys developing and expanding her work within the surfing industry with anyone who enjoys surfing. Danielle has also been involved in over ten years of lecturing and tutoring at Universities in Health and Exercise Science subjects, including coordinating units in Exercise Physiology, Stress Management, Exercise Physiology for Special Populations and Human Growth Development and Aging. Danielle has been working within the health and fitness industry for more than 15 years in a variety of positions such as gym floor management, sports coaching, life guarding and surf coaching. Danielle has previously participated in a number of individual and team sports at a national level.

In more recent years Danielle has come to understand and appreciate that there is more to the body than meets the eye, and the underlying truth of life, healing and exercise therapy all comes down to the choices we make and how we live and move on a daily basis. For this reason Danielle recognises that the quality of her work is not only based on her level of education, training and experience, but how she lives and moves daily and how she is in every moment. Danielle lives and works with this knowingness.

Research Publications 

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All publications available on request



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